Study Circles

Bahá’í study circles are regular gatherings of people who are interested in learning more about the Bahá’í Faith and their own spiritual transformation through systematic study. These courses are open to anyone age fifteen through adult.

Each course examines certain aspects of the Bahá’í Faith and provides a framework for assisting the participants to develop their own God-given talents and capacities so that they may use those skills to assist in ongoing community development.  

The study circles, which take place in people’s homes and in other locations (such as the public library or Bahá’í Center), are provided in a variety of formats which include regular weekly meetings (of about 2 hours duration each) over a period of several weeks as well as more time-intensive courses that take place over a period of several days.

Study circles are forming all the time in the greater Greenville area in order to meet the needs of those who wish to participate. To request a study circle please complete an on-line form. You may also contact us by email, or phone.

Courses Offered by the Training Institute

Reflections on the Life of the Spirit (Book 1) Topics include:  

  • How to deepen one’s understanding of the Holy Word  
  • The power of prayer
  • The progress of the soul after death

Arising to Service (Book 2) Topics include:

  • The joy of sharing God’s Word
  • Basic spiritual principles of the Bahá'í Faith
  • Uplifting daily conversation to spiritual themes 

Teaching Children Grade 1 (Book 3a) Topics include:

  • Children as spiritual beings
  • Lessons for children's classes, grade 1
  • Managing classes for children  

Teaching Children Grade 2 (Book 3b) Topics include:

  • Principles of Bahá'í Education
  • Lessons for children’s classes, grade 2
  • Skills necessary for effectively teaching children  

The Twin Manifestations (Book 4) Topics include:

  • The Promised Day of God
  • The Life of the Báb
  • The Life of Bahá’u’lláh 

Animators of Junior Youth Groups (Book 5) Topics include:

  • The unique spiritual potency of ages 12 through 14
  • Providing service opportunities for junior youth
  • How to initiate and maintain junior youth groups  

Teaching the Cause (Book 6): Topics include:

  • Principles related to sharing the Word of God
  • The spiritual nature of teaching
  • Engaging in systematic teaching campaigns

Walking Together on a Path of Service (Book 7) Topics include:

  • How to tutor books 1 through 6
  • The importance of the arts in education
  • Starting and maintaining a study circle  

Additional information about Study Circles may be found at Bahá'í International Community, and US Bahá'í