Spiritual Empowerment of Junior Youth

The Bahá'í Junior Youth Spiritual Empowerment program is a three-year non-denominational curriculum for ages twelve through fourteen that encourages moral development, critical thinking, and a strong spirit of community service -- all while supporting academic growth. Facilitators of this training for junior youth are called “animators” because their role is to help the junior youth animate -- bring to life -- the special qualities within them.

Would you like to arise and serve as an “animator” for some junior youth in your family or neighborhood? Contact us to find out more about how you can be trained to conduct junior youth spiritual empowerment programs in your home, church, or other location.

Program for 12 Year Olds
“Breezes of Confirmation”

Program for 13 Year Olds
“Walking the Straight Path”

Program for 14 Year Olds
"Drawing on the Power of the Word "

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